PayTo® is the new way to make fast, easy and secure payments straight from your bank account.

These real-time payments can be seen or paused from your Internet Banking, giving you more visibility and control over your money.

To set up a PayTo agreement with you, a merchant or business will need your BSB and account number, or your PayID®.

Before the business can debit your account, they will need your authorisation of the PayTo agreement. You can review the agreement which details the payment terms and authorise it in Internet Banking.

Frequently Asked Questions

A business or merchant will set up a ‘PayTo agreement’ with you which enables you to authorise how much, and when, you will pay for their goods or services. It could be for a one-off, ad-hoc, or recurring payment.  

You will be notified via SMS, email or secure email within Internet banking that a new PayTo agreement is awaiting action, and the PayTo agreement will appear in your Internet Banking for your authorisation.

Once you have authorised the agreement, the business or merchant can debit their account according to the terms you have agreed. You also have the option to decline the agreement.

At any time, you can pause, cancel, or amend the linked account with consideration to the impact on payments and contractual arrangement.

Soon, many direct debits will switch to PayTo in your Internet Banking. Eventually, you’ll be able to use it for lots of other payments too, like in-app or online payments where you previously needed a card.

PayTo gives you more visibility and control over your payments. PayTo agreements can be authorised, viewed, paused or cancelled in your Internet Banking. But remember, cancelling doesn’t change your contractual arrangements with the business or merchant.

PayTo can be used as a modern and secure alternative to direct debit. Some businesses will start to move their existing direct debits to PayTo or use PayTo for new customers.

You’ll be able to see and manage your PayTo agreements in your Internet Banking. In most cases you shouldn’t need to do anything. But it’s worth checking the details, and if you have any concerns, you should reach out to the business.

When you pay with PayTo, The PayTo agreement must first be authorised within your Internet Banking, a secure environment that reduces the risk of fraud. You should check the details carefully and make sure it is in line with what you have agreed before authorising. You can also choose to use your PayID (mobile number or email address) instead of your BSB and account number. That means your account details stay private.

Please read our Product Disclosure Statement Part 1 – Key Features and Terms and Conditions found on our Important Documents page for more information on Internet Banking.

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