Five New Year’s resolutions for your 2024 finances

Money goals may not be the first resolutions to come to mind, but a few simple changes to your spending and saving strategies could make for a happier 2024. While the past year has been a challenging one for many Australian households, the new year offers the chance for new financial beginnings. Regardless of your money situation or stage of life...

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Last-minute budgeting tips for the end of year

The final countdown to Christmas and the summer holiday season has begun, which can mean supercharged spending and sometimes additional stress, too. While the end of one year and the start of the next should be a time of relaxation, the lead-up can be both frenzied and expensive, particularly with the cost of living rising. There are ways to have ...

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The Mutual Bank joins the new offensive against scammers

The Mutual Bank is proud to be a part of a new Scam-Safe Accord aimed at delivering a higher standard of protection for our Members and help put scammers out of business in Australia. The Scam-Safe Accord, between Australia’s customer owned banks, mutual banks, building societies, credit unions and commercial banks is a comprehensive set of anti-s...

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