Our Investment Package Home Loan provides a flexible investment home loan with a great low interest rate, and has many benefits and discounts.

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Interest Rates:

Investment Package Home Loan Interest rate Comparison Rate
Variable Rate Home Loan   8.13% p.a.   8.45% p.a.
Fixed Rate Home Loan Options    
1 Year Fixed Rate Home Loan 6.39% p.a. 8.25% p.a.
2 Year Fixed Rate Home Loan 6.29% p.a. 8.06% p.a.
3 Year Fixed Rate Home Loan 6.29% p.a. 7.90% p.a.


Product Features:

Home Loans
Interest rate : 0.90% p.a. discount off Standard Variable Rate Home Loan or 0.10% p.a. discount off the applicable Fixed Interest Rate for a Fixed Rate Home Loan
Minimum Amount : $150,000
Maximum Amount : No maximum
Interest : Calculated daily, charged monthly
Loan Term : Up to 30 years
Repayments : Monthly, fortnightly or weekly
Additional Repayments : Yes (or up to $20,000.00 during the fixed term)
Redraw Facility : Yes
Loan Saver Account : Yes
Annual Fee : $395
Mutual Visa Credit Card Discounts : 1.00% p.a. discount on interest rate

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