Our Loan Saver account is a transaction account available with variable rate home loans. The interest the Loan Saver earns reduces the interest payable on your home loan. The Loan Saver account gives you the flexibility of an “at call” account while reducing the interest on your home loan.

Product Features:

Everyday Banking
Monthly fee : $0
Mutual Visa Debit Card : Available
ATM/Eftpos access : Yes
Internet banking : Yes
The Mutual App : Yes
PayID/Osko® : Yes
BPAY® : Yes
Mutual Alerts : Available
Bank@Post : Yes, with a linked Mutual Visa Debit Card

Important Information

Both the Loan Saver and 100% Loan Offset accounts have been approved by the Australian Taxation Office only on the basis that no interest is earned. The interest offset accrues on these accounts up to the point where the balance of the account equals the balance owing on the home loan. No interest offset accrues on the portion of the balance of the Loan Saver or 100% Loan Offset account which exceeds the balance outstanding on the loan.

® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518