Our Internet Saver Account allows you to earn interest while being able to access your funds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (subject to system availability). The Internet Saver can be linked to an account held with The Mutual Bank or any Australian financial institution.

Min. $5,000 Max. $1,000,000 0.05 % p.a. Interest rate

How much interest would I earn?

Product Features:

Savings and Investments
Transaction fees : $0
Account-keeping fee : $0
Internet banking : Yes
The Mutual App : Yes
Mutual Alerts : Yes
Business Banking
Minimum opening balance :
Transaction fees :
Account-keeping fees :
Monthly account-keeping fee :
Mutual Visa Debit Card :
Internet banking :
The Mutual App :
Mutual alerts :
Interest :
Merchant facility :
Payroll processing :
Statement frequency :
Interest payment frequency :
Overdraft facility :
Minimum deposit :
Maximum deposit :

Important Information

We have not considered your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider these things and the Product Disclosure Statement before making decisions.