Secure Messages allows members with Internet Banking to securely and confidentially message The Mutual Bank and receive a response.

Members can use Secure Messages to contact us for a variety of reasons. Examples include:

  • To request a temporary increase in your external transfer limit
  • Advise us of an upcoming trip overseas where you will be using your accounts
  • Request we contact you to discuss a service or product such as a loan application

We may also contact members using Secure Messages.

It’s easy to use – just locate the Secure Messages tab once you are logged on to your Internet Banking to send and receive Secure Messages.

Secure Messages are responded to during our ordinary operating hours, including our after-hours call back service.

Set up your New Message Received Alert that will send you a notification via SMS or email.

You can set up alerts yourself by accessing your Internet Banking Inbox. Go to: Inbox >Alerts >New alert >Select Internet Banking User ID (scroll to bottom of dropdown menu) >New Message Received >Choose mobile or email.

Alternatively, speak to one of our Member Services Team on 1300 688 825 for assistance. We are here to help.

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