Increasing your external transfer daily limit

Your default daily external transfer limit is $1,000. To increase this amount temporarily or permanently, log onto Internet Banking and send us a request through Secure Mail as described below.

Option 1 – Temporary Limit Increase
You can temporarily increase your daily external transfer limit by sending us a request through Inbox - Secure Mail.

Option 2 – Permanent Limit Increase
You can permanently increase your daily transfer limit by using two-factor authentication with a Security Token. To get a Security Token, which can be physical or virtual, contact our Member Service Team on 1300 688 825 for assistance or send us a request through Inbox – Secure Mail.

Other Information:
For more information about Security Tokens please, visit our Security Tokens page.

A team member will respond to your Secure Mail once your request for an external transfer limit has been processed. Secure emails are responded to during our ordinary operating hours, including our after-hours call back service.

If your request is urgent, please call our Member Services Team on 1300 688 825 to assist you.